Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Food I'd Enjoyed in Kuching(1)

1. Kueh Chap

We went to the Foo Lan Shen (opposite Klinik Tanah Putih)on the second day in Kuching.My big auntie is making her kueh chap business there and her kueh chap is still taste good. My third auntie is also makes her kuah chap business at kin ming cafe near sekama, taste not bad too.

2. the food that represents Kuching --- KOLO MEE!!!

I'd eaten this on my third day in Kuching which was tapaoed from 欢乐园 hawker stall at Tabuan Jaya's Market. It size is large and sumptuous.

Oh, remember to enjoy the Kolo mee with this --- red chilies preserved with vineger.

3. Chicken rice in Chic King's Restaurant, Petanak, taste ok.

4. Cheese and mushroom fettucine at SCR, Jalan Song (the worst thing I'd eaten ever!!!)

At the moment I look at this plate, I said to myself, 'Oh no oh no, this must be taste bad.' See the red things? These were actually the Char siaw bits! that looks like the leftover char siaw or the remains after they'd sliced that char siaw. The pasta was not cooked properly as I could feel the 'floury' taste, the gravy was tasteless, and the worst thing is --- the gravy was mixed with the water which had been used for cooking the pasta (see the watery liquid)! I was totally regret for ordering this dish, yucks!

5. Sarawak laksa

I feel disappointed about the Sarawak laksa nowadays. I had my first bowl of laksa after arrived in Kuching at Kim Ming's cafe,Sekama, which was quite nice ages ago. Well, most of the Kuchingnites know that the soup (or the gravy) is the most important part to judge whether the laksa tastes good, sadly, I couldn't feel the taste of the spices in the soup, it tasted like water plus salt plus chili paper. Even though I added in more belacan was also tasteless, and they had cut the shrimps ( yes the prawns were small) were cut into half.
My second bowl of laksa was at the coffee shop next to the 'hao kou fu', Sekama, the prawns were bigger, the suop was ok, but the overall was not satisfying. My third one was at 'ho min yuen', Hui Sing, tasteless.

(to be continued...)

Sunday, December 9, 2007


I find that I like to choose dark colours for my clothing recently.

Almost 90% of my shirts are black this year. I had two black blouses, one navy blue blouse, one black spaghetti singlet, three black t-shirts, and one olive green blouse to wear when I was in Penang. In Kuching, I have worn 6 black shirts and one navy blue t-shirt during outing, and I have two more black shirts from my mum to bring to Penang later.

This afternoon, me and my mum, my younger sisters, my aunt went to several boutiques like Runway, BingFen, JS, JP, etc for clothes hunting. I was hunting for the office wear for the presentations in uni and my very first of my target colour is always BLACK, second is navy blue, third is dark brown, then next is dark purple or maroon.

"Why you always choose black?" my mum asked after we brought my aunt back. "Don't I'd given you two black shirts?"


Number one, black makes me look fairer as I'm getting darker and darker after studying in Penang.

Number two, black makes me look skinnier as I'm getting fatter after studying in Penang and after spending several days in Kuching, too much goodies in Penang and too much yummies in Kuching.

Number three, black makes me look more matured as I'm a childish girl and I'm already 20 years old.

Number four, black makes me look more like a pro as dunno why(!?).

Number five, black makes me look smarter and more brainy as I'm not clever enough.

And number six, black makes me look more confident as I'm not confident enough.

I have to admit that the reasons above are sounds stupid, and yet only these are my real answers. I had tried white shirts this afternoon, but I found that white does not suit me, and it will be one of the no-noes for me to wear pinky cloths. I HATE PINK!

Even though I like to choose black shirts, black is NOT my favourite colour, so don't think that my favourite colour is black.


12:28 am, Sunday, 2 Dec 2007.