Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bye Penang

Time flies...
Tomorrow will back to Kuching...

I'll miss USM...
I'll miss Dr Haslina...
I'll miss Dr Aniswal...
I'll miss all my tomotachi in USM...
I'll miss the renovated CG...
I'll miss the Hokkien Mee...
I'll miss HBT 104
And so as HBT 100(though it is the dealthly one)...
But I won't miss Aman Damai
And so as WUS 101(the money sucker)...

Bye USM!!!
Bye Penang!!!
I'll miss you all!!!
See you in next sem.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Watashitachi ni shinemasuta!!!

7:oo a.m..

Last night I packed my stuffs till 1:00 a.m., so lazy to wake up, but since I had some more things to pack up, I had no choice.

This is the only window in my room, and it is DAMN small.

My bookshelf. Now it is empty.

My wardrobe. Now it is empty.

The process of emptying my room was taken for a whole morning. After throwing my box, which was filled with my things, into a store, I took a shower and went to Subaidah for brunch (Thosai and iced milk tea, not in a good mood to eat).

Then I went to Kedai Mahasiswa (the co-op) and bought some souvenirs for my family. It took about an hour choosing them (I am not good in decision making).

Then I went back to my ancient room for my final revision for the deathly HBT 100, again, I could not concentrate on it, tak muat dah. Memory full.

Then I went to DUP with my course-mate. There, our topic was ‘shinu’, which means ‘die’.

‘Shinemasu,’ (die).

‘Watashitachi ni shinemasu,’ (we die).

‘Shin de kudasai.’ (please die).


We knew we were dying (regarding the HBT 100). At the moment we went out from the exam hall…

‘Taihen da!!!’, ‘Shinemasuta!!!’, ‘Watashitachi ni shinemasuta!!!’

That paper is totemo muzukashii desu, I did not finish doing it.

And YET, we went to KFC celebrating the freedom after several weeks of exam.

I felt regret after noticed all of my tomodachi had ordered snack meal as I ordered Zinger Max combo(the size is miniature, totemo chishaii desu).

That's San Jing's , eating half way...
And that's Ming Wei's after the rest of us were almost finishing our food.

That made me more regret.

Then it was time to take pictures!

The cool faces (*sigh* actually we are not cool…)

Another one (ugly me…)

The only guys in the KFC treat.

After that, I went back to my hostel, return the keys to the office, and say goodbye to Aman Damai (my hostel).

Bye K08/115!!!

Bye Aman Damai!!! Won’t miss yea!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I flied to my friends hostel (though it is illegal, haha!) – the renovated Cahaya Gemilang (CG), to accompany her(her roommate was gone back to her howntown).

And O MY





If the International House is rated five stars (the only hostel which air-cond facility is provided for foreign students and postgraduades), and the RST is rated four stars, this room should be rated 3 ½ stars!

But what I hate is…

Its fire alarm rang in the midnight!!! And it rang for about 1 hour plus 26 mins.


Ps: Aman Damai SUCKS.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

lousy posts

Recently I get a comment from a friend that my posts are boring.
And yes I agree with her,
because I can feel the 'dryness' of my brain while I am blogging,
and I am too emphasis about the grammatical thing.
Actually I didn't even touch my blogs (not even window live spaces) for ages.

The mains reasons are:
1. I was busy at that time
2. I am lazy to blog even when I'm free
3. I don't really like blogging

You might ask me why I still blog since you don't really like blogging. Well it's because I am facing exams now and I am getting more stressful as the day for sitting the deathly HBT 100 is drew nearer. Yes I should to sit down and take my notes to read, and I have tried to do so, but I just cannot concentrate on it, I feel like I want to chop them (the notes, the books, and some ppl) into pieces, so I use my blogs to post some childish essays which look like sort of essays for exam purposes (or homeworks???) and purposely use the hard-to-read fonts to release my stress (and just for fun, of course).

Actually I know that I posted the lousy, childish posts since ages ago after reading my archives one day, so I didn't blog much. My brain is aging and it becomes 'dryer' .

Lastly, for those who thinks that my posts are lousy, just ignore this as I use this for putting my crazy thinking. THANKS!!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Shame on the Malaysian University Students

This morning, after sitting the TITAS paper, I went back to my hostel to get my wallet. Went I went to the staircase, I noticed this:


At first I was thinking, maybe someone had mistaken the 'tudung', so the person who wrote the notice above should not be aggressive and did that such an un-rational way.

On the other hand, I was wondering why that person who wrote this, as a university student, has to ask a bomoh to give a 'nice lesson' such as giving jinxes to the person who had stolen her tudung? I can't imagine that we are now in the 21st century, and yet there are some people who have obtained a high education, are still using the illogical ways to solve problems and do something else, no wonder we have a course named 'critical thinking'.

She should not use the methods that were used from her ancestors or the methods that were used a few decades ago to solve the problem. She should do something logical like go to the Jabatan Keselamatan or to find the officer of the hostel to get back her thing.

As for the person who really had stolen her thing, I think this is the most shameful one among all of the Malaysian university students. Stealing should not be happened in universities, no matter the things stolen are priceless or vise versa. Remember that we had received moral education or Islamic educations for Muslims for 6 years in primary school and 5 or 6 years in secondary school, so added up is 11 or 12 years and we MUST know VERY WELL that stealing is a sinful act and it is a crime and yet it can be still happened in universities, so as the other crimes such as vandalism, cheating, etc.

How Malaysia can fulfill the 'Wawasan 2020' if the young generations, especially the university students, are still using the ridiculous acts to solve their problems?

Stupid USMHotspot!!! Stupid AirAsia !!!

Last night I get a news from some of my friends that the flight time for 18 November 07 is changed from 9:10 p.m. to 5:40 p.m..

So I quickly phoned my mum to ask her to help me to get my real flight time from my cousin who helped to book the air ticket because I had changed my hand phone number 3 months ago and I had gave her my previous number for booking the air ticket.

Before I got my mum for help, I switched on my laptop to get the AirAsia's phone number from its website. To my dismay,That stupid USMHotspot could not be connected to my laptop!!! What the (censored)!!!

Later, I got a phone call from my Dad. He said he did not want to ask my cousin regarding the flight time as he thought that she may thinks that me and my family are fussy, so he asked me to solve it myself.

So I asked Zhe Rong to get the phone number and he gave me 2 tel numbers from his SMS. At the moment I got it, I quickly dialed the numbers given. However, What I heard was:


"The number you had dialed is not in service. Please try again later."


(Censored censored censored censored censored censored…)





Ha ha ha...

Time flies...

One week gone...

Tomorrow will sit another paper----- TITAS(the notes is TOO much and it's BRAINWASHING, so I didn't read that much)

After tomorrow will be JAPANESE(do some flipping only)


on the LAST day...

it will be HBT 100(Yes, the 'deathly' one)

my core subject,

and I can't FAIL it...

But its reading material is TOO wide.

The MORE I read,
the MORE I'm getting blur...

TAIHEN DAaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

(Laugh bitterly)